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About Us

The Furry Feasts family
Mayhem the Malamute
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About us 

We are Suze and Jay, creaters of Furry feasts raw pet food Bournemouth and Blandford and natural treats.

We run our defra licensed raw pet food shop/plant in Kinson and Blandford, Dorset with help from our two dogs Chaos and Mayhem, Alaskan malamutes and two chickens Kiev and Nugget.

We are the biggest animal lovers and having them constantly in our lives for 30+ years we feel extremely privileged now to be in this line of work, We really feel we are making a difference to pets lives by producing all this lovely fresh food and giving an alternative to boring old kibble. 

Our Malamute Chaos was poorly as a puppy with numerous trips to the vets with tummy problems. Someone recommended the raw food diet, the change in his health was unbelievable in less than 72 hours. 
We would now like to share our experiences with other pet owners out there and provide them with the same homemade fresh produce that we have been feeding our dogs.

We know not all vets are on board with this type of working dog diet yet but our aim is to show them that a balanced raw diet is as easy as feeding yourselves, we will do this by doing all the work for the pet owners, so no more having to 'DIY' and having the headaches of what allowances their pet needs of each vitamin and mineral.

How did we do it?
We studied Canine nutrition, which we now hold numerous Diplomas in the field all held with distinction and we are continually learning more and more every day to help us come up with new fun ways to feed your pets and keep them stimulated when you need a rest.

Once we had come up with a menu using all our new found knowledge, we tried it on Chaos then we used all our friends and family with pets to try it out. They loved it, they then told their friends and family and so on. Not long after furry feasts was born and it has been growing ever since.

This job is extremely hard work. Its all long hours, heavy lifting and constantly smelling of tripe but we wouldn't change it for the world because seeing the changes in all these dogs and cats health is worth every 4am start and we have all you guys out there to thank for making it the success thats its been.

So from all of us at Furry Feasts a huge THANK YOU X

Another raw transformation.

In March 2016 we rescued another Malamute, he was a very disturbed young pup. He was very aggressive, smelly and wouldn't think twice about having your arm off. We also noticed he had a lot of plaque on his teeth for an 18 month old puppy.

Once he had settled in and a few bites later we transitioned him on to raw, used him as a test subject and watched his change in attitude and appearance. In 24 hours the smell had died down and he seemed calmer, then by 72 hours he became a lot more affectionate and lost this wild look he had in his eyes.

Three weeks later we had a different dog, he played with his new brother and was also trainable, he was even walking off lead which was far more than we expected and as for his teeth?... shiny like he's in one of those toothpaste adverts.

We are not saying the raw diet alone achieved all of this but it did make him more content, more happier and the lack of additives chilled him out. He now has his forever home with us, and has definitely earned the name Mayhem!

 Looking forward
Because of our experiences with Mayhem, Jay has decided to add to his Canine nutrition qualifications with Canine behaviour and psychology courses, he is studying up to level 6 to then hopefully complete his degree. His plan then is to help as many other disturbed dogs as he can in pounds and foster care, so they too can find forever homes.

We believe that a dogs diet and mental health are very closely related and the saying you are what you eat is very poignant here. A healthy dog will have a healthy mind!

Furry Feasts DEFRA approved
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