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Welcome To Furry Feasts Raw Pet Food Online.


Furry Feasts raw pet food in the southwest of England, is a DEFRA approved (11/001/8104 /ABP/PTF) raw pet food manufacturer in Kinson and Blandford, Dorset, made from all natural ingredients which is also known as BARF- Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or feeding the whole prey model.

Feeding RAW is becoming very popular throughout the UK. There are many nutritional disadvantages in feeding your pet the dried pellet type food known commonly as kibble. With many of the brands, half the food is just filler with little or no nutritional value. The ultra high heat cooking/rendering process kills most of the nutrients before the food even goes in the bag. Some of the filler or preservatives cause allergies and health problems, a raw pet food diet provides a range of health benefits that a commercial diet can never hope to even closely match.

Our mission is simple… to provide dogs and cats with the essential minerals and proteins they need for an active, healthy lifestyle. We will do this by providing low cost fresh human grade ingredients with no added cereals, just raw fresh meat as they would eat in the wild.

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